Aviatrix game strategy

The main feature of absolutely any Crash game is to increase the gaming account in the shortest possible period. Sometimes a player needs only a couple of successful bets to multiply the deposit by tens of times.

Every player wants to have fun and enjoy unforgettable emotions from the game. However, if you make hasty bets, soon you will see zero on your game balance. No one can guarantee the user wins. For you to be able to make huge money and reduce the risk of losing, you need to pick a good strategy, keep your mind sober, not succumb to greed and always be ready to hit the “Cashout” button.

Aviatrix game strategy

Strategies in Aviatrix: How to Play and Win

A minimum betting strategy

This tactic is suitable for players who are not yet ready to take risks and spend large amounts of money. Minimum betting amounts significantly slow down the earning of big money. This tactic is best used when the user has a final margin.

You can watch a few rounds as a guest and see that the cornucopia almost always reaches odds of x1.1. The player can finish each round at this multiplier with one or two bets.

The bet is determined by the player himself. You can bet either a small amount of money or a large amount of money. The key point is that as soon as the round starts it is necessary to immediately take the bet. Because of this, the user is guaranteed victory, even if the player earns a small amount of money. The essence of the game is the speed of reaction.

Of course, no one guarantees you a 100% victory. However, the probability of crashing the plane right on takeoff is very small.

To reduce the risks, you can bet a small amount of money, then in the case of a quick end of the round, you will not lose a large sum of money.

This tactic is designed for several game hours. The strategy is convenient for new players, as it will help to understand the mechanics of the slot, and the game and get used to the interface. The rules of this tactic are as simple as possible and will be understandable to everyone.

Parallel betting strategy

Aviatrix allows users to take advantage of double bets. This strategy can be divided into several variations:

  1. Same bets. You make a deposit and bet the same amount on two bets. Thanks to this, the player earns significant earnings due to double winnings.
  2. Different bets. You register two bets, for example:1-10 cents, 2-1 euros. The first amount will be risky, because you will try to multiply it by a big multiplier, and the second one you take away by a small multiplier around 1.1-1.2x. With this tactic, one bet insures the other and keeps you in the black.
  3. Risky bets. This tactic is suitable for gamers who like to take risks. For this, you place two big bets. Of course, you can lose and not have time to pick up before the crash, but if you still have time, your game balance increases many times. If you decide to use this strategy, remember that a significant amount of money multiplied by even a small multiplier will turn into a tangible payout.

If you want to get a better understanding and try out different strategies, then you can use the demo version of the game. You do not have to top up your balance, as it is infinite, but the money you win will not be able to withdraw, as they are virtual.