Aviatrix - Money Game

Aviatrix is an analog of the well-known Crash game Aviator, where you can win up to 10,000x. The slot has a simple gameplay that any beginner can figure out, a pleasant interface, a new, more realistic design, and big winnings. If you want to get unforgettable pleasure from the game, Aviatrix will be the perfect solution.

Aviatrix - Money Game

Aviatrix Demo

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Casinos to play Aviatrix for real money

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Pin-Up online casino Pin-Up Casino
100% to the first deposit, Starter Bonus, 250 Free Spins at registration Aviatrix Pin-Up
1win online casino 1win Casino
Deposit bonus up to 500% per deposit, cashback up to 30% Aviatrix 1win
Mostbet online casino Mostbet Casino
125% to deposit for registration, 250 free spins Aviatrix Mostbet

About the Aviatrix game

Aviatrix game review

The plane starts its flight from the usual runway, and then with increasing altitude, it leaves the atmosphere and heads into the unknown of space. Already in play, you will be able to see meteorites and planets of the solar system known to everyone, such as Saturn, Jupiter, etc. The higher your plane takes off, the greater the potential multiplier by which your bet will be multiplied.

💬 Name Aviatrix
🖼️ Slot Type Crash Game
🚀 Release date 2022
😎 Provider aviatrix.bet
🤑 RTP 97%
📊 Volatility High
📉 Min. bet 0.10$
📈 Max. bet 10$
💰 Max. win x10000
🎰 Demo Yes
🎁 Bonuses Experience, new levels
💻 Platforms PC, Android and iOS smartphones

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The point of the game

Aviatrix is a relatively simple game, like all Crash Simulators. The outcome of the game depends solely on your luck and speed of reaction, as the outcome of the round can be decided in a few seconds. To start the game, make a bet and wait for the start of the round. Once the bets are made, the plane begins to gain altitude rapidly. As with most counterparts, the multiplier depends on the elevation the plane reaches: the higher you go, the bigger the multiplier you get. To end the round in favor of the player must have time to press the “Land” button and collect the winnings before the plane falls, that is, collapses.

The point of the game Aviatrix

When the plane starts flying, an initial multiplier of 1x is displayed, which increases as you gain altitude. A key feature of Aviatrix is the maximum multiplier of 10,000x! Such a colossal multiplier is not in any popular Crash game.

The minimum bet amount is 0.1 euros, and the maximum is 10 €.

Just imagine that in just one round, with a bet of 10 €, a player can pick up a jackpot of 100000 €.

Basic Aviatrix Functions

The interface of the Crash game Aviatrix are simple and intuitive. Because of this, anyone who has not previously played gambling can quickly figure out the mechanics and start winning. As with most Crash simulators, Aviatrix has three options for running the game, which will suit users with different play styles.

Aviatrix game interface

Game limits

Currency Min. bet Max. bet Max. win
ARS 15 15 000 5 000 000
AZN 0,2 350 100 000
BGN 0,2 400 100 000
BRL 0,5 1 100 100 000
BYN 0,3 300 100 000
CLP 100 150 000 10 000 000
COP 500 500 000 50 000 000
EUR 0,1 200 100 000
IDR 1500 1 000 000 1 000 000 000
INR 10 20 000 2 000 000
KZT 50 100 000 25 000 000
PEN 0,5 700 200 000
PLN 0,5 500 500 000
RUB 10 15 000 5 000 000
TRY 2 4 000 250 000
UAH 5 7 500 1 000 000
USD 0,1 200 100 000
UZS 1 000 2 000 000 200 000 000

How to bet on Aviatrix


At the beginning of the game, the user selects the bet amount for the next round and clicks the “Bet” button. This amount is fixed, and then the round starts. During the game, all the player’s attention is concentrated on having time to press the “Land” button, thus picking up his winnings. This action must be done before the plane crashes.

Auto Bet/Auto Cashout

Auto Cashout means that by selecting this feature, the user has the bet amount fixed for the next few rounds. This option will suit players who like to bet the same amount for several games in advance. The essence of Auto Cashout is that before the start of the round, the player chooses the odds at which the betting amount is automatically taken away and becomes the winning amount. This withdrawal will be convenient for gamblers who play for several subsequent rounds and for players who prefer double bets.

Parallel/Double Bets

This chip is suitable for experienced users who are not playing for the first time. At the beginning of the round, the player simultaneously selects two bets. The withdrawal of each bet is individual from the other. However, to remember that you bet not one but two bets, we also advise using the Auto Cashout feature.

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Fair Play Guarantee

Aviatrix Fair Play Guarantee

Since Aviatrix Crash Game is based on a crypto technology called “provable fairness,” users can not worry about the safety of their money and do not think that the slot will cheat them. This technology guarantees 100% fair play in every round. Because of this, no cheater can interfere and change the outcome of the game.

How it works

The outcome of absolutely each round, the value of the maximum odds, is not generated on the game servers. The result is always up to the players, and each process is as transparent as possible. Therefore, there is no option to manipulate the game. Absolutely every player can check the fairness of any round.

How to check the result of the previous round

To check the fairness of any round, go to the game history and select the completed flight. Then you will see a window showing:

  • The server seed
  • 3 pairs of seed players
  • The composite hash
  • The outcome of the round

How to check the result of the next round

The hashed version of the seed server for the next rounds is freely accessible in the settings window. To do this, you have to go to the player profile and “Proven Integrity Settings” and then go to “Next server seed.”

In the same window, you can change your seed.

To participate in the generation of the next round of the game, you have to be among the first three players who bet.

Each player can check the correctness of the mathematical algorithm in any online calculator.

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Aviatrix Features and Tips

The model airplane is NFT

NFT Airplane in Aviatrix game

Players compete against each other in their planes, which are NFTs. You can customize and upgrade your aircraft to participate in sorting awards. NFT is not a required feature, so it won’t interfere with players who don’t want to use it. However, if you’re going to use NFT to earn any rewards, you will need to have an Ethereum wallet.

Experience Gain

For every 1 € you put in, you get 1 point. All points earned are converted into the currency you want. You move to the next level when you get a certain amount of experience points.

A new level – airplane upgrade

When a user reaches a higher level, he will get an opportunity to add some functions to his plane, giving it uniqueness.

airplane upgrade in Aviatrix

Daily bonuses for active players

Based on a player’s activity, experience and level, the game provides daily rewards and cashback.

Marketplace inside the game

Aviatrix marketplace

At the moment, the development stage is the function of the Marketplace. It has yet to be discovered what opportunities will be open to players. Still, we want to assume that soon players will be available to purchase, sell, and exchange aircraft by crypto.

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Where you can play Aviatrix

On the official Aviatrix site, there is an opportunity to play a demo version of the Crash game without having to create a profile and replenish the game balance. The test version is suitable for players who are not ready to risk their money and want to try different tactics.

Where you can play Aviatrix

However, to win real money, you need to create an account on the official website of any popular licensed online casino. We recommend playing on sites like Pin Up, 1win, Mostbet.

Registration on the official website of any online casino is effortless and will take you a lot of time:

  1. Go to the official website of any casino from our rating.
  2. Click on the “Registration” button. Most often, it is located in the upper right corner.
  3. Choose a convenient way to register. Usually, there are 3 options: through e-mail or phone number.
  4. Come up with a password for your account.
  5. After registration, an e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address to confirm your profile.
  6. By clicking on the link from the e-mail, the account becomes active.

How to deposit a real money game

Playing for money is far more risky and exciting than simply sending a plane on a journey in the test version of Aviatrix. It is because of the fear of losing the staked amount and increasing the stakes at times. The game gives any user a rush of adrenaline and an unforgettable experience. To play Aviatrix for money, you need to replenish the game balance.

how to bet in Aviatrix

Most often, the official gambling websites offer several options for making a deposit:

  • Cards,
  • Electronic wallets,
  • Payment systems,
  • Popular cryptocurrencies.

Go to “Deposit” to replenish the game account. There you will see a list of methods, among which you will need to choose one more convenient for you. Then click on the “Deposit” button. Note that each option has its limit for depositing funds.

We recommend that you use the same method for withdrawal that you use for depositing. For example, if you deposited money with a bank card, select the withdrawal to it because it will speed up the payment process.

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Game Screenshots

Aviatrix screenshot 1 Aviatrix screenshot 2 Aviatrix screenshot 3 Aviatrix screenshot 4
Aviatrix screenshot 5 Aviatrix screenshot 6 Aviatrix screenshot 7 Aviatrix screenshot 8


To win this crash game, you need luck and reaction speed. After all, if you don’t pick up your winnings in time, your bet will be burned! You can use Aviatrix’s strategies and tactics to increase your winning chances. But remember that all gambling games are based on a random value generator, so “randomness” and “luck” are still the main thing.

Yes, the new simulator airplane provides free play in demo mode. It does not differ from the game for real money. The slot’s demo version will help players understand the logic and mechanics of the crash game.

To start playing Aviatrix for real money, you will need to complete a simple registration on the official website of any online casino. We recommend playing on platforms such as:

To withdraw your winnings, you need to go to your account, and in the section “Withdraw money,” specify the amount of money you need and the method by which you prefer to withdraw money.

Aviatrix is perfectly adapted for Android and iOS smartphones. Therefore, to always have your favorite crash game at your fingertips, all you need is a stable Internet connection and a mobile browser. There is no own app so that you can play Aviatrix on the website of any popular online casino.